A Tree Falls

On Saturday, February, 2, 2019 Pastor John emailed the congregation:
Loved Ones:

I’m sorry to have to report that due to the heavy rain and high winds, our large stone pine tree fell and collapsed the whole rear section of our church. As a result, church is cancelled for Sunday, Feb. 3rd.

The damage is extensive. I will communicate more with you early next week after we have had a chance to access the situation and how we will move forward.

My hope, at this point, is to hold future church services beginning Feb. 10 in our fellowship hall for the foreseeable future.

This is a difficult situation, but I am thankful that this didn’t happen during a church service. God is good and He promises to cause ALL things to work together for His glory AND for our good.

Thanks for keeping us in prayer as we navigate this situation.

Pastor John

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