Approval Process

There are two different approval processes we need to complete.  The first is for the City to formally approve our ability to expand the Sanctuary, the other is to have them review, and approve our blueprints.  While the City is looking at our expansion plans, they may ask us to do other improvements.  Please pray that these are minimal.

Expansion Approval Process We are waiting for our arborist to complete the report assessing the impact of the expansion on the nearby oak trees.  This report is expected by the end of next week. Once the report is complete, we will send to the City for their approval. Once the City’s Tree Specialist, gives the OK, we can submit a Preliminary Site Plan to the City where they will review and determine if they have additional requirements we must meet in order to expand the Sanctuary.  This process could take 4-6 weeks.   Construction Approval Process Our engineer’s firm is currently working on blueprints that will go to the City.  Please keep Brian and Michael in prayer as they work on these. As soon as the plans are finalized, we can submit them to the City.  The City typically takes 4-6 weeks to do an initial review. Insurance                 We have a meeting scheduled with our insurance agency and our insurance company on Monday to discuss a recent decision by the insurance company to not cover some items we were expecting them to pay for.  We feel we have a good case.  Please keep Pastor John, Vip, Matt and John, our contractor, in prayer as we meet with the people at our insurance company.